It’s the age old question (well really, modern day question!), what do we actually need for a baby? We can find ourselves getting caught up in all the baby ads and cool products on Insta and it can be quite overwhelming! Particularly for first-time mums and dads. And to be honest I think it’s a very personal thing. A product can be fantastic for one mama (or baby!) and useless for another. We really do learn by trial and error – welcome to parenting 101!

Nevertheless, I’ve put together a pretty awesome list of Newborn Essentials that I think will serve *most* parents. I’ve either personally used these products or they’re on my wish list for baby #3 – if we ever decide to go there! I haven’t included nursery items such as a cot but I’ll be sure to do a ‘Nursery Essentials’ blog post in the near future.

Anyway, If you’re currently preggers (or trying, or thinking about it!) I hope this helps you narrow down the must-buy list! Or if you’ve been there before and think you have anything to add, pop it in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

Talie x

1. Bednest – Cocoonababy 2. Bassinet Sheet & Bunny Rug Set – Wilson & Frenchy 3. Nursery Thermometer – Gro Egg 4. Blanket – Jamie Kay 5. Comforter – Kippins 6. Baby Wrap – Love to Dream 7. Swaddles – Aden & Anais 8. Dummy – Natural Rubber Soothers 9. Teether – Sophie the Giraffe 10. Rocker – Charlie Crane 11. Onesies – Bonds – Full onesie, Long-sleeve, Singlet 12. Baby Keepsake Book – Blacklist
13. Baby Wrap – Chekoh 14. Breast Pump – Medela Swing Maxi 15. Rubber Duck – Oli & Carol 16. Bottles, Sterisliser, Warmer & Bottle Brush – Closer to Nature 17. Hooded Towel – Liewood 18. Nappy Cream – Burt’s Bees 19. Grass Drying Rack – Boon 20. Towel Cloths – Big Softies 21. Cloth Nappies – Pea pods 22. Travel Change Mat – Numero 74 23. Disposable Nappies and Wipes – Thank you – Nappies, Wipes